Application of Fasal Amrit


  • Agriculture/FarmingFasal Amrit is highly effective in agriculture in drought-affected regions or low water regions.

  • It helps soil to enhance water absorption and hence maintain the soil moisture for a longer period.

  • It can increase the irrigation interval by 5-15 days.

  • The use of Fasal Amrit has helped farmers to save 1-2 irrigations in crops like Wheat.

  • It has helped many farmers to get 10-30% more yield with less water.


  • In horticulture, plants needed to be watered almost every day and in some cases of summer, need to water twice or thrice a day.

  • The use of Fasal Amrit will make sure to maintain the soil moisture for a few more extra hours.

  • It will not only help in reducing the water requirements but it will also help reduction in labour costs by reducing the number of irrigations.

  • As plants will always have adequate soil moisture hence flowering and fruiting will be at best.


Most Fruits and Vegetables are highly water-intensive and sensitive which means they need a constant water supply.

Any moisture stress in Fruits and Vegetables may cause uneven growth of plants, fewer flowerings, less fruiting, uneven fruiting, and low-quality fruits.

The use of Fasal Amrit will make sure to provide constant moisture to the plant hence plant will always have water to grow better, flower better, and fruit better.

Some of our customers have stated that "the use of Fasal Amrit has helped their plant for better flowering and more than that maintain flowering for fruiting in hot summer days of April-June."

Gardening/Home Plants

  • Gardening and Home plants are hobbies for many people but the availability of water has been always an issue.

  • Though people like to spare time to irrigate their plants at home or garden on hot summer days, plants need water multiple times a day.

  • Or if someone is going outside their home for a couple of days, they are risking their plants with no water until they return.

  • The use of Fasal Amrit can solve the above problem as it will maintain the required moisture for a few more extra days.

  • After the application of Fasal Amrit, no need to water your plant every day. It can save plants 3-to 5 extra days without water.