Basic Questions

What is "Fasal Amrit"?

Fasal Amrit is a naturally processed super absorbent polymer made using organic wastes such as orange peel, banana peel, and other vegetable and fruit wastes.

How does it work?

  • In general, when water comes to the soil, it absorbs as per its water absorption capacity, and the remaining water floats on the upper side of it or went down into the soil.

  • Most of the crops we grow on farms have their roots around 12-18 inches hence water below 18-24 inches is not directly taken by a plant.

  • When someone uses the Fasal Amrit by mixing it into the soil, the water absorption capacity of the soil increases by 20-30 times which helps the soil absorb a huge amount of water.

  • This absorbed water will be released back to the plant as per the requirements of the plant.

What is the mechanism behind the working of Fasal Amrit?

  1. Fasal Amrit is a naturally processed super absorbent polymer (SAPs).

  2. SAPs have a multi-dimensions complex structure of molecules.

  3. There is a void space between these molecules.

  4. When water comes into contact with SAPs, the void spaces fill with water and stored it.

  5. It works on the theory of osmatic pressure where water flows from the low water stress side to the high water stress side.

  6. When there is excess water in the soil, water stress in the soil falls and water flows into SAPs.

  7. When the soil starts dry with time and water consumption from a plant, the stress started increasing.

  8. Hence water flows from SAPs to the soil which is consumed by a plant.

  9. As Fasal Amrit is made from organic matter, it always has low water stress which means all the water available in Fasal Amrit will be utilized by a plant.

What is the lifespan of Fasal Amrit?

Fasal Amrit's lifespan is 3 years if not opened. If the bag is opened make sure to pack it again to avoid any moisture going inside. Once opened we can't take responsibility for the lifespan of 3 years.

What will happen to Fasal Amrit after it gets mixed into the soil?

Once it gets mixed in the soil, it starts absorbing the water and releases it back to the plant's root as per the requirement. This water absorption and release process occurs nearly 19-20 times in 5-6 months of the application of Fasal Amrit.

After 5-6 months of application, Fasal Amrit doesn't absorb the water and it starts degrading in the soil as compost gets degraded in the soil.

What kind of components Fasal Amrit gets when decomposes?

Fasal Amrit is a 100% biodegradable product and it decomposes in organic matter, organic carbon, and water etc.

Does Fasal Amrit have any negative impact on soil or crop or climate?

Fasal Amrit is made from organic waste such as fruit peels and vegetable trims without adding harmful chemicals. Hence, it is safe for the soil or crop, or climate.